Al-Ameen Replication Manager

In response to the urgent needs due to companies expansion over a wide range of geographical areas and sometimes merging together, we worked on developing a new technique to aid those companies find the best mechanism ever in managing and controlling their work in the most economic, central and organized method. This mechanism will serve all users of Al-Ameen Accounting System and will guarantee:

  • Auto databases merging or splitting.
  • Avoid work repetition.
  • Low cost data exchange.
  • Central work management.

All this through the ARM (Al-Ameen Replication Manager) that will send and receive data automatically on a regular basis. Thus, their will be no need to repeat the same work again and again in every database. ARM relays on Replication System i.e. connection is made between a Publisher database and Subscribers databases. This connection is organized by a set of conditions regarding subscriptions and security.

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